Taylor residents ask city for more help managing floods

“I have a bag packed with clothes for my children, clothes for me and my husband. We have diapers and things in our vehicle, so that if we have to at any point, it’s just a matter of grabbing our children and getting out.” said Taylor resident Sandy O’Randy. 

O’Randy is one of several Taylor residents who attended a Thursday evening city council meeting to ask for help managing frequent flooding.

Flooding is not a new issue in Taylor, but after the flooding on April 6, Director of Public Works, Jim Gray, said the city wanted to invite residents to voice their concerns. Gray said the city already has a number of long-term plans designed to help mitigate flooding on the table.

But most residents attending the meeting Thursday night were seeking more immediate relief. 

O’Randy said she is a “realistic person." But, as the long-term solutions play out, she would like short-term relief -- citing difficulties maintaining drainage ditches. She says the ditches often become clogged and overgrown.

She also believes the drainage ditches need to be expanded. “We need to be able to maintain it and we’re hoping that they will be able to help us maintain the drainage that we have currently.” 

Kelli Simmons echoed O’Randy’s sentiment. She said her husband is constantly digging out the drainage ditch in her yard. Gray said possible solutions will be discussed at a May 9 meeting. Though, he noted, some homes are in a floodplain, and the city will be unable to help them.

He said the possibility of the homes being purchased by the city will be discussed. 



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