Tenant threatened over several discarded cigarette butts that aren't hers

For this tenant, who wishes to remain anonymous, living at Wild Creek Apartments has been a breeze. That's until Aug. 28, when she received a concerning email. “It said that we had until the 31st to clean up cigarette butts or be charged $50 per cigarette butt, only to the units of Building J,” she said.

The email said there are an excessive amount of cigarette butts around her building.

The fees assessed would be divided between all units in her building.

“If they find 20 of them, that's $1000,” she said.

This tenant said she and her partner, are not smokers and her lease says penalties are only given if she or anyone in her household tosses out cigarettes. “We feel a little attacked and a little disrespected. We do care, but we also don't believe it should be our faults. That we should be paying for something we don't even do,” she said. She feels the environment at the complex now has become hostile and management should've approached things differently.

We checked with management who referred us to their corporate office.

FOX 7 has yet to hear a response.

However, the office did tell FOX 7, as of now, nobody has been fined. 

For this resident, it's the principle, she believes the email was unnecessary in the first place. “We would ask that management handles this situation internally rather than stress us with it,” the tenant said.