The shutdown is over but hundreds still need help

The partial government shutdown has ended for now but many federal employees are left playing catch up on bills. In fact, some here in Central Texas say they haven't received their back pay yet.

More than 350 people showed up to the Central Texas Food Bank’s second distribution event for federal employees. They distributed boxes of non-perishables, fresh produce, bread and more.

It's a kind thought many federal workers like "David" appreciate. He says he still hasn't gotten his back pay days after the shutdown ended. He said he expects in on January 31. "I’m hoping that he's not going to close us down again. It was a little struggle there for me and my wife, she's pregnant and we're getting kind of close. We don't need that kind of stress right now especially when we didn’t do anything, it wasn’t our choice,” said David.

Belinda Carter, a Department of Treasury employee, says she hopes leaders in Washington can come up with a permanent deal so she won’t have to struggle again like she did for a month. "I have 4 kids, I’m a single mom so it was a big thing for me. I work 40 miles from where I live. So it’s the commute, the lack of gas….I couldn’t even afford to get snacks they normally have, my elementary school students. I’m also a brain tumor survivor, so it's just been hard,” she said.

The food bank had more than 1,200 people show up at this event.

Nearly 3,000 showed up at the first distribution when the government was closed. 



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