Two men survive single engine plane crash in Horseshoe Bay

Charles Scott, 75 and Stanley Graham,73, were leaving Horseshoe Bay Airport in a single engine experimental fixed wing aircraft Friday afternoon. Witnesses tell police they heard the plane experiencing engine problems.

They watched as the pilot attempted to maneuver back to the airport before the engine failed.

The plane crashed into a utility pole alongside FM road 2147. 

Donelle Fraser works at Horseshoe Bay Corp. across the street she said the crash shook their building. "It was almost like an explosion or I thought maybe the transformer blew and then all of the sudden the lights went out in the office and so you knew something had happened," Fraser said. “It's a miracle that they did what they did and were able to bring it down like they did and not cause more harm to other people in the area."

Troy Stephenson was on his way to his daughter's softball game when he drove upon the wreckage. "They were yelling please help us get out of here we are stuck,” Stephenson said. "I wouldn't have been able to keep going there's no way. I just slammed on my brakes and jumped out of my car.”

Stephenson checked on the men then ran back to his car and pulled out every tool he could find. He went back to the plane and started cutting it apart. Stephenson said it was a difficult task until others joined in helping pry the two men free from the plane.

"We were just handing parts and trying to calm the people down they wanted out really bad so we had to keep them in the plane till paramedics arrived,” said Stephenson. "I'm really proud of the people around here for helping that's pretty awesome there was plenty of help."

Scott and Graham were transported to St. David's hospital and are reportedly in good condition.

The FAA is investigating the cause of the crash.



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