UT/Oklahoma football fans ready for Red River Showdown

University of Texas and Oklahoma fans are gearing up for the biggest college football game of the season so far.

“Ever since I came to orientation and everything, they're like, ‘Beat OU, beat OU,’” said UT freshman Haley Torsney.

The Sooners currently outrank the Longhorns in the latest Associated Press poll, but that's not discouraging thousands of UT fans who are making the trek to the Cotton Bowl to cheer on their team.

After a close game last year, where the Longhorns gave up the win to the Sooners by just five points, UT fans are ready for a comeback.

“Every week they've improved just a little bit more and I think, as long as we can contain Kyler Murray then, I think we stand a pretty good chance. I like what I see so far,” said UT alumnus David Wheeler.

It won't be easy. While Longhorns will go into the Red River Rivalry 4-1, the Sooners are sitting pretty at 5-0.

“OU! That's the move. We're going to win,” said University of Oklahoma freshman Anna McGuire.

However, with victories in their last four games, the Longhorns' confidence and energy is trending up.

Fans are banking on the team bringing that same spirit to the Cotton Bowl Saturday morning. “I think we've got something special that can continue to be developed here,” Wheeler said.

“I'm not scared of them. They don't phase me, no. Boomer Sooner! We're the best,” said OU freshman Jessica Reese.

Voices from the rival schools filled the Galleria Dallas ahead of Saturday’s Texas - OU game, one of the newer traditions from the Red River Showdown weekend.

While one team will be singing a different tune after the game, right now both sides are ready for a fight on the field.

“Beat those Sooners,” Wheeler said.

“Boomer Sooner! Stay true to your roots always,” said McGuire.

“Let's go, hook ‘em,” UT fan John Marchitti said.

The Red River Showdown will air on FOX 7 Austin at 11 am Saturday.