Video of young organ donor goes viral

The story of a young man from Brevard County, Florida, who died following a motorcycle crash, is reaching tens of thousands of people through social media. That’s because his organs were donated to patients in need.

Andrew Dorsey's mother says that’s part of his legacy now, and she wants everyone to learn about organ donation.

The video shows a crowd of people crammed into a hospital corridor. They are family members, friends, some fellow motorcycle riders and hospital staff.  They all line up in a symbol of respect and a send-off for Dorsey, 27, who is being wheeled into the room where surgeons will take out his heart, liver, kidneys and other organs -- so that others can live.

“It was such a beautiful video, very tasteful, and I wanted his friends to see it," said Shebna Dorsey, Andrew’s mom.

She took to Facebook to update her son’s buddies about how he was progressing, then how things took a turn for the worse. 

Dorsey was injured in a motorcycle accident over a week ago. At first, everyone thought he would pull through, but the injury to the femur caused extreme complications.

“You know the thing that happened to him is a very rare thing," said Shebna Dorsey.  "This is all from a broken bone, and it shouldn’t have happened, but I think awareness...awareness is going to come from this.”

This video shows what is commonly referred to as "the honor walk," for organ donors. It is a tradition the Dorseys had never heard of, or never wanted to hear of.  It's now touching people from all over, who never even met Andrew Dorsey.  His mother says this is what he wanted, and he would want others to follow his example.

“Andrew was the kind of kid who wanted to make you smile, even if you wanted to cry,” she said.