Watch: Curious manatees ponder canoeist's choice of clothing

Some manatees were seen awkwardly staring at a canoeist, who was wearing Christmas-themed pajamas.

Video captured by See Through Canoe's Michael McCarthy showed three sea cows curiously staring toward the clear canoe

“If manatees are capable of expressions, these 3 scarless, side by side sea cows are definitely looking at me like 'what the heck?'" McCarthy said to FOX 13. 

At one point, one of the manatees floated completely underneath the canoe, maybe to get a closer look. McCarthy explained that he often wears pajamas over a pair of shorts during the cooler mornings. 

“I have a preference for ridiculous or silly looking pajamas, obviously. It's not like the manatees and dolphins care what I look like,” he wrote on his YouTube post