WCSO in search of gun in Liberty Hill subdivision

Update: Williamson County Deputies return to the Santa Rita Ranch neighborhood in search of a weapon used in Tuesday's shooting. Neighbors said law enforcement and k-9 units searched people's backyards. Sheriff Robert Chody reported nothing found and asks residents who live in the area to keep their eye out.


Santa Rita Ranch resident William Childress was on his way home when he found entering his neighborhood was impossible.

"Got a call from my daughter that they had been on lockdown because of a shooting," Childress said. "It's a very safe area we've never had any problems like that."

According to the Williamson County Sheriff's Office, a man approached a home off SH 29 in Liberty Hill Tuesday afternoon. The homeowner went outside to ask if the man was okay, and things turned violent.

"[He] fired what we believe was a .22 pistol at the resident, they immediately called 911," said Williamson County Sheriff Robert Chody during a press conference.

The suspect then fled to the Santa Rita Ranch community where Childress lives.

"[We] locked down the whole neighborhood blocking all entrances and making sure any vehicle that left the scene was searched before it left to make sure we did have a hostage situation in a vehicle," Chody said. 

Multiple agencies flooded the area, and Chody said they had every WCSO unit on the call.

Homeowners called 911 to give updated locations on the suspect as he continued to flee. Eventually they were able to track him down to a home in the area that he broke into.

"You do a crime in Williamson County we're going to get ya," Chody said. "Stop committing crimes in Williamson County we don't tolerate that."

While arresting the suspect, they found he was missing a key item.

"We believe we still have a weapon, a pistol, still in the neighborhood," Chody said.

Chody believes the suspect ditched the gun somewhere in the area. While the sheriff's office is searching for the fun, they are asking the community to also keep their eyes open.

"I'd hate for a kid to pick it up so we'll start walking around when it cools off you know," Childress said.

While the incident shook up the neighborhood, Childress said he still believes the area to be safe.