Week Two of Round Rock kidnapping trial begins

Monday started off with the defense cross examining the state's witness from last week, an FBI agent.

One of the day’s highlights was the state providing evidence that the girls say Terry dumped behind a local Wal-Mart before taking off to Colorado.

It was a box full of the 14 and 7 year-old's belongings and art supplies, because there was allegedly not enough room in their car for it.

Prosecutors also presented surveillance video of miles and the girls in the car at various gas stations and convenience stores on the drive out of state, and a huge piece of evidence the state presented was a forensic interview with the older girl. 

She talked about what she last remembers of her mom Tonya Bates. 

She detailed how her mom told them to leave for a couple hours while she had friends over.  She said the girls were afraid of the people her mom hung around. 

After later finding her dead body in the house, the girls packed up and left with Miles.

Prosecutors say Miles frequently sexually and physically abused the oldest child. 

He is being charged with kidnapping, but not for the murder of Tonya Bates.