WilCo asked for $99k, got $900k to continue saving animals

Each year, the Petco Foundation gives out more than $14 million to deserving and life-saving animal welfare organizations across the country.

"Applications are in the thousands," said Rene Moreno, national field manager with Petco. 

The Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter saw fit to apply. They say 95 to 97 out of 100 animals that come there are saved, making them advocates for no-kill policies. Wednesday, Petco announced WilCo was awarded $900,000, which is way more than what they asked for. They asked for $99,000.

Petco says out of the thousands of apps, about 20 non-profits actually get grant money. 

Wilco was one of the highest amounts awarded, and Petco says the shelter deserved it.

"The most important thing is the data, the amount of animals they’re bringing in, the amount they are sending back out to the community, the amount of financial resources they have available. It all gets crunched into an algorithm to determine a life-saving impact rating. Their score is so strong, we said they need more money," said Moreno.

"It means a lot because they recognize us for the good work we do here, all the staff,” said Cheryl Schneider, director at the shelter. Schneider says the money will be used to help renovate their outdoor kennel, purchase medical equipment, and much more.

Their goal is to save as many lives as they possibly can.