Woman shot in southeast Austin home invasion

Austin police spent most of the day collecting evidence from a top floor unit at the Gardens Apartments in southeast Austin following a home invasion and shooting Tuesday morning.

Investigators say the incident took place at the complex at the intersection of I-35 and Sunnyvale Street shortly before 7 a.m.

"What we know is that the people enter the house, they are recorded on various videos, entering the house,” APD Sgt. Mark Brackenridge said. “What happened inside we don't know at this point, then the shots were fired, the female resident was struck twice the male resident was not struck at all.”

The woman who was shot was taken to the hospital with serious but not life threatening injuries. The suspects are identified as two Hispanic males and a Hispanic female. One of the cameras at the complex also recorded the female suspect earlier going door to door searching for the apartment where the attack eventually took place. 

"Obviously anything can happen anywhere at any time, but glad it wasn’t me,” said Alex Urbanski.

Urbanski is staying in a unit just across from the home invasion. She didn’t hear the gunshots but says her dogs apparently reacted to it.

"I heard emergency vehicles, that’s all I heard. actually the dogs were barking early this morning and I was like, knock it off knock it off, they are not used to apartment living so I assumed it was just regular people going to work and everything,” said Urbanski.

Investigators spent about five hours processing the apartment.

"At this time we're still trying to determine if there is a link between the suspects and the victims or if it's an unknown, we don't know,” said Brackenridge.

The bags of evidence a crime scene technician left with contain a possible motive. Sources say a small amount of drugs was found inside the apartment.