Authentically Austin: Antone's Record Shop

So many people and places make Austin one of the more unique cities in the U.S. One of those local spots is Antone's Record Shop.

One of the store's current co-owners, Eve Monsees, says, "There is something about having something tangible in your hand and just - the feel of it, the smell of it. Takes you somewhere else"

Antone's Record Shop opened in 1987 which makes it one of the oldest record shops in Austin. The late Clifford Antone, known for Antone's Night Club which has been a huge part of Austin as well since 1975, opened the store.

Co-owner Mike Buck says, "If it weren't for Clifford Antone there wouldn't be the blues scene. When that music wasn't that popular he was booking it and often paying out of his own pocket and helping some younger musicians here."

WEB EXTRA: Monsees talks about meeting Clifford.

"At the time when the store opened the night club was across the street and in the back office here was the Antone's record label - so at one point everything was within walking distance. And of course the night club relocated to a great location downtown (and the) label has moved on but we are still here in our original location," Monsees says.

Over the years the store has had iconic music performances.

Buck says, "A guy named T-Model Ford from Mississippi played here. Joe King Carrasco played here and he ended out up the street with his long guitar cord playing amongst (sic) the traffic on Guadalupe."

Forrest Coppock, another co-owner, says, "It's not just selling their records and making a little change for us and for them. It's about supporting the scene in general." 

Records, live shows and deep roots in the Austin music scene make Antone's Record Shop an authentic Austin spot.

Monsees says, "It's not exactly stepping back in time it's a moment but it's also just a vibe. You know there is a lot of fast paced stuff going on and you walk into record store and you walk into a night club and you just kind of take a breath and hang out and listen to records. Browse the bins."