Chinese Lantern Festival at Winter Wonderland at The Circuit

Winter Wonderland is back at Circuit of the Americas is back for another year and it's got a new experience: The Chinese Lantern Festival.

A 26 member team from China is putting the finishing touches on sculptures and displays that wll be lit up each night. Visitors will get to see things like a heart tunnel, pandas and even a 200 foot dragon which will be over the reflection pond.

Organizers say they wanted visitors to a get a unique cultural experience.

"Give an experience to guests that they couldn't see anywhere else in Austin. We wanted to do something different and make it not just a regular holiday event but something super special for people to come out and see," Project Manager of Winter Wonderland at The Circuit Abby Bost.

Many of the things from last year will be back and other activities this year include the largest outdoor ice skating rink in Texas and a chance to do hot laps around the track.

For more information about this year's event you can go to the Circuit of the Americas website.