100 Club activates Critically Injured Fund in Cormier's honor

"We have the resources to get the help and support they need,” Moore says. Etta Moore is the executive director at the 100 Club of Central Texas.

Moore says the San Marcos Police Department and the San Marcos Fire Department reached out to her on Sunday. Monday morning, the club activated its Critically Injured Fund in Cormier’s honor.

Moore says, "Once a tragedy happens, we're with the family for the rest of their lives." 

They stay in contact with the family to organize when's the best time to give them the money. "We want to respect their space and privacy. We don't want to just show up unannounced. We work with the department,” Moore adds.

Officer Cormier was working a traffic hazard on I-35 when she was struck by a suspected drunk driver. Claudia is currently in critical condition and awaiting further operations.

To donate to the Critically Injured Fund, click here.



San Marcos officer in recovery after being hit by suspected drunk driver