11-year-old Austin girl sent to hospital after being attacked by bullies

An 11-year-old was sent to a hospital after being attacked by bullies in her East Austin neighborhood. Her mother, Kandace Williams, said this isn't the first time bullies have gone after one of her kids.

Williams is hoping to bring awareness about the dangers of bullying as she said no parent should ever have to see their kid in the hospital.

"I felt hurt once my baby finally woke up, it did hurt, it did hurt a lot," said Williams.

Williams said her 11-year-old daughter was sent to the hospital after she said her daughter was bullied Sunday night. "They were punching and kicking her in the face and they didn't stop," said Williams.

Her daughter's eye is still bruised days later. 

Williams has contacted both police and AISD to get something done as this isn't the first time she says bullies have targeted her family. "My 14-year-old, she was jumped about 3 months ago," said Williams.

While AISD couldn't comment on this case specifically, they did say any families in their district can report bullying to their local schools, even if it didn't happen at school.

The bullies also do not even have to attend the school for them to investigate.

Williams says she tried to solve the problem by talking to one of the bully's parents but didn't get anywhere. "She told me, ‘oh don't worry about what I’m doing with my daughter you worry about yours’ and I said, ‘I am that's why I’m out here trying to get help and make you understand what your daughter did was wrong,’" said Williams.

Having just moved to the neighborhood this year, Williams said she's had enough. "I mean I’m at the point where I’m ready to move," said Williams. Williams urges other parents to take notes on the dangers of bullying, as she doesn't want anyone to go through what she did.

APD said they couldn't comment on this case but they did say any parent who feels their kid is being bullied in a neighborhood to file a police report. You can also request for an officer to set up a neighborhood meeting to address the problem.