161 cats, 15 dogs rescued from home in Buda

Authorities are investigating a case of animal hoarding in Buda after animals were discovered to be living in poor conditions in a home there. On Thursday afternoon, Hays County Sheriff's responded to an animal hoarding complaint the 200 block of Towhee Drive in Buda. 

After investigating the property, officials found 161 cats and 15 dogs being kept in poor living conditions. It took four animal control units to remove the pets from the home. 

According to deputies the homeowners informed them they operate an animal non-profit organization and were responsible for the wellbeing of the animals. 

Mathew Rios lives in the area and said situations like this may start off with a good intention. "Hey this person has this many animals I care for this person and these animals and I want to make sure the animals have a safe environment," said Rios. 

But said later on down the road the situation can get out of hand causing more harm than good. "Their heart is in the right place they want to take care of animals they want to help them survive," said Rios. 

FOX 7 reached out to the homeowners however they declined to comment on the case. 

"One person taking care of who knows like 50 or 100 animals is just insane because that's' too much work on one person.  Animals have the right to live clean with space. I'm also concerned about the homeowner,"  said Rios. 

The investigation is ongoing.