A bite from this tick could result in a red meat allergy

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Tick season is in full swing across the United States, and while we know tick bites can lead to Lyme Disease, it’s not the only illness that can result from a bite.

A tick typically found in the South is making its way North, bringing cases of a rare meat allergy along with it.

It’s known as the Lone Star Tick.

"We appear to have an allergy that's due to or seems to be triggered by people that are bitten by one type of tick and subsequently eat red meat and develop reactions to that," explains David Neitzel of the Minnesota Department of Health.

While the chances of being bitten by this tick are rare, the tick's bite could leave you with a long lasting problem, an allergy to red meat.

 Experts say the best bet to defend yourself from this kind of tick is to wear repellents containing DEET, and always check your body after spending time in the woods.

 "Check your body very closely and promptly remove ticks, the quicker you get ticks off of you the less chance there is of disease transmission," Neitzel added.

Some of the symptoms of being bitten by a lone star tick include stomach cramps and an itchy rash.