ABC Kite Festival celebrates 90 years

The annual ABC Kite Fest is one of Austin's most beloved family-friendly traditions.

On March 31, between 20,000 and 40,000 people attended the festival's 90th year in Austin's Zilker Park.

"I have two little ones, let's see that one's awake and the other one's going berserkly happy," Austin mother of 2 Miwa Gardner Page said. "It's windy but that's all you need, right? Wind and children and kites."

Some come back each year bigger and better, like Austin resident Daryl Mooi who put a camera on his this year.

"I've got a set of goggles down there that you can look through and get a bird's-eye view," Mooi said.

Others just enjoy making memories with their families..

"I'm not doing a good job at keeping the kite in the air," said Gardner Page.

Founded as a simple kite contest in 1929 by the Exchange Club of Austin, Austin's annual kite festival was designed to foster creativity in children.

"Kite flying is one of those age old traditions," said Bobby Jenkins, president of ABC Home and Commercial Services, which underwrites the event. "It's so pure, it's so simple, it's so family-oriented where Mom and Dad can bring the little ones out, and flying that kite up in the air, I will tell you...there isn't one child that's flying a kite who doesn't have a giant smile on their face."

ABC Kite Fest is the country's longest running festival of its kind and is produced by the Friends of the ABC Kite Fest.

"There's a lot of creativity. Every kite you see in the sky is different," Mooi said. "So it's really cool."