Active duty military member shot to death at Cedar Park apartment complex

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A gunman in a fatal shooting in Cedar Park is still at large.

Sunday night around 9:15PM Cedar Park Police were called to the Lakeline Villas apartments after getting a call of shots fired. Twenty-two year-old Austin Robert Burroughs was killed in the shooting.

He was in active duty with the Air Force. The suspect is described as a thin black male who left the scene in a grey or silver hatchback with a handgun.

“In the evening I just wouldn't feel safe just taking a walk anywhere around here,” said Lynn Motz who lives by the apartments. 

Motz was enjoying Sunday evening outdoors with her family. 

“We were kind of tracking the lunar eclipse so we came out several times last night,” said Motz. 

While outdoors she noticed police flood the Lakeline Villas apartment near her home. Cedar Park Police's early investigation showed a man and a woman enter the apartment complex in a car. After parking, the man got out and went up to another car where Burroughs was getting out of and shot him. 

The gunman is described as a thin black male wearing an orange or red hoodie and dark sweatpants. He left in a grey or silver hatchback with a handgun. Motz says the whole area is on high alert. 

“It worries me a lot because there is such a lack of law enforcement patrol along here,” said Motz. 

In general, Motz said crime in the area has gone up. 

“It's probably been within the last 3 or 4 years it's gotten really bad,” said Motz. Motz lives in a municipal utility district which functions as a separate, limited government. 

She feels this might be the reason she hardly ever sees a police presence. 

“We don't really have an ownership. We're not really patrolled heavily and when something happens we don't know who's going to show up,” said Motz.
Motz said many in her area say Sunday’s shooting is a reminder of how things need to change. 

“Nobody frequently patrols here at all,” said Motz. For now, Motz said she and her neighbors will be keeping an eye out.

If you have information about Sunday’s shooting you are urged to contact cedar park police at (512)260-4816 or text to 84741.