Americans spend billions shopping while drunk

America has a multibillion-dollar drunk-shopping problem. It's a $30.43 billion yearly habit.

Nearly half of American adults admit to regularly shopping while drunk. Americans spent an average of $448 per person on drunk purchases in 2017. That's more than double what they did in 2016.

The findings come from a survey of 2,000 adults from shopping comparison site

Men are responsible for more drunk spending than women: $564 versus $282. And Generation X spent the most on drunk purchases, averaging $738 last year, more than triple the amount that Millennials spent.

The study found some 61 percent of shoppers say they drunkenly spend on food. The next most common purchases are shoes, clothes, and gambling.

Retailers are in on the trend, even adding more sales after 9 p.m. to encourage traffic from drunk shoppers.