Amplify Austin raises more than $11 million for local nonprofits

With only minutes to spare, Amplify Austin exceeded their goal of raising $11 million. The campaign is in its seventh year and continues to give to our local nonprofits.

According to Chronicle of Philanthropy, Austin ranked 33rd on the list of philanthropic cities.
We're far behind San Antonio. On the list, Houston and Dallas ranked in the top five.

That's something organizers say they want to change. I Live Here, I Give Here Amplify Austin is a 24-hour operation with the goal to raise as much money for nonprofits across Central Texas. 

Kelli Ann Swieerski and her group of friends counted the minutes till 6 p.m. "With all your donations we get to on special trips they have classes that are very exciting," said Swieerski.

Some of the money raised during Amplify Austin will go towards the nonprofit Swieerski calls home. "It gives me the opportunity to explore the community we volunteer we give and it gives us the opportunity to learn new things," said Swieerski.

The organization Downhome Ranch located in Elgin helps adults with developmental disabilities. 
For the foundation, participating in the city's annual day of giving has become a game-changer for how they approach raising funds. "Its probably really our biggest money maker in terms of straight dollars.. we're getting without pay out for venues or food or all those things that normal fundraisers involve and it's just peer profit which is amazing," said Casey Dickerson, Downhome Ranch director of services. 

Last year, they hit their $40,000 goal. This year they hoped to reach $50,000.     

"It's great to see the community come together not just for us but for the other organizations I always try to blast out donations to three or for myself that I don't know," said Dickerson. 

Downhome Ranch isn't the only nonprofit benefiting from the event.

More than 700 local nonprofits are hoped to meet their goals. "People coming together to make a contribution makes such a difference," said Tina Snider, chief communications officer for Ronald McDonalds House Charities of Central Texas.

This year, Amplify Austin exceeded their goal and raised more than $11 million in a 24 period.  

One million, more than last year's goal. "Because it's one place they can go and search and find the charities that speak most to them and learn about new charities," said Courtney Manuel, executive director of Amplify Austin.

Since Amplify Austin's launch in 2013, the campaign say they've aimed to boost the city's charitable giving. Which is something Kelli Ann says can be contagious once you start. "They believe in me and I believe in them," said Swieerski. 

Over the past six years the annual event has raised around $45 million not including 2019's numbers. 



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