APD Organized Crime Division issues warrants, makes arrests for K2

(Austin Police Department)

On August 10, 2016, the Austin Police Department Organized Crime Division filed 13 warrants for First Degree Possession of Controlled Substance with Intent to Distribute on the following 10 individuals: 

  • 2016-1170283: 4/26/16, Marco Davis, Black male, 39 yoa            
  • 2016-1191707: 4/28/16, Danion East, Black male, 24 yoa
  • 2016-1390889: 5/18/16, Sidney Franklin, Black male, 58 yoa
  • 2016-1450900: 5/24/16, Sidney Franklin, Black male 58 yoa
  • 2016-1460394: 5/25/16, Tajay Stephens, Black male, 25 yoa
  • 2016-1460394: 5/25/16, Michael Green, Black male, 45 yoa
  • 2016-1460394: 5/25/16, Montrel McCoy, Black male, 37 yoa
  • 2016-1521554: 5/31/16, Jordan King, Black male, 22 yoa
  • 2016-1521554: 5/31/16, Destiny Coleman, Black female, 20 yoa
  • 2016-1531413: 6/01/16, Larry Jones, Black male, 45 yoa     
  • 2016-1660848: 6/14/16, Sidney Franklin, Black male, 58 yoa
  • 2016-1751841: 6/23/16, Jermaine Edmon, Black male, 29 yoa
  • 2016-1771002: 6/25/16, Larry Jones, Black male, 45 yoa

All of these cases are based on stops initiated by patrol officers, not based on an in depth investigation or operation. APD’s Organized Crime Division has designated detectives to handle all possession of synthetic marijuana charges as warrant cases.

Statutory changes to Texas Health and Safety Code 481.1031.b.5 listing these chemical compounds as Penalty group 2-A Substances, went into effect in September of 2015. Since that time, the Austin Police Department Organized Crime Division has implemented new procedures to address the negative effects associated with the distribution of K2 in Austin.

K2, also known as Spice, Kush, or Synthetic Marijuana, is marketed as incense, but is actually a product that has been sprayed with a chemical compound that mimics the effects of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, and is being smoked to produce intoxicating effects.

The Austin Police Department will continue to review cases and will file appropriate charges on subjects identified as K2 dealers as positive lab results return.