Austin currently under Stage 1 Water Restrictions

City officials are asking for everyone to be mindful of how much water they're using.

Especially since the City of Austin is currently under Stage 1 Water Restrictions.  

Craig Moore said he's noticed how dry things have gotten in his neighbor this year. 

"You can kind of see it as far as how green the grass usually can be. I think out in Barton Springs where I take my dog it isn't as green as it used to be," said Moore. 

As a result of drought conditions, City Manager Spencer Cronk has called for the Stage 1 Watering restriction plan effective as of Aug. 27th. 

"Using less water will help with the drought we are currently in," said Moore. 

He said he's trying to cut back on the amount of water he's using and follow water restrictions. 

"I know the things I've been slowly dealing with it. It's defiantly made it where I would like to help the people around me and my neighbors. But I am aware of the situation," said Moore. 

Under restrictions residents can only water on assigned days and times and wash their vehicles with a bucket or automatic shutoff hose. 

Water restrictions not only apply to homeowners, but those owning restaurants and other businesses. 

According to data released by the U.S. Drought Monitor, in Texas Travis County is under moderate drought conditions while parts of Williamson County fall under severe drought conditions. 

Recent rain did little to alleviate those conditions following weeks of sweltering heat and triple-digits temperatures. 

According to the Lower Colorado River Authority combined storage level of water in Lake Travis and Lake Buchanan have dropped below 1 point 4 million acre-feet and due to this, new conservation measures have been put in place. 

Even though some rain has fallen in Central Texas this year much of it has gone into the soil making it hard to replenish streams and rivers. 

Moore said he hopes these restrictions will help. 

"Eventually things will go to the next level if things continue at a rapid rate." 

Failing to follow water restrictions may result fines of up to $500 per violation. 

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