Austin man suing city, claims he was hit by cop car

Austin police dashcam video shows 46-year-old Tyree Moore riding his bicycle, and what appears to be him colliding with a car when an officer makes a right turn. The incident happened on July 6, 2017.

“I was riding my bike eastbound on 12th Street, car came speeding by me just turned right in front of me, cut me off and I hit the ground pretty hard,” said Moore.

Moore says the officer appeared to be on a case, and may have been distracted.

“It was quite a lapse before he made contact with me after being notified that he hit somebody,” said Moore.

Moore and his attorney filed a lawsuit, and the litigation has been carrying on for more than a year, with no results yet.

“He said he never hit me,” said Moore.

Moore’s attorney says the city is violating one of its own safety ordinances. 

“For the city to deny liability and not pay Tyree's claim is basically not enforcing its own rule,” said Brad Houston, his attorney.

Doctors have advised Moore that he needs surgery, but Tyree says he cannot pay.

“My main injury was the injury to my shoulder. Ligaments came unattached from the bone,” said Moore.

“I know Tyree doesn't want a lot of money he just wants to be taken care of and put back where he was before the collision,” said Houston.

For more than a year, Moore says he has been limited on work he can do to provide for himself and his family. His hope is that the city can do the right thing and pay for the damages.

“We are set for trial and we are going to have to try the case unless there is some resolution,” said Houston.

FOX 7 Austin reached out to the Austin Police Department. The department did not want to comment on pending litigation.