Austin New Years celebration fills south Austin

Vic Mathis Shores was packed with food trucks and live music a head of the New Year. 

The fireworks were at 10 and not midnight in south Austin.

The reason for the early show is because the city wants everyone in the family to enjoy the show.

Austin’s free New Year’s show kicked off Monday afternoon and went on well into the evening drawing in people from all over. 

“Came down from Dallas Texas,” said Jon Howkins. 

“Ohio, Columbus Ohio,” said Bob chandler. 

For some 2018 ended on not the best note.

“What goes down must go up I guess you’d say right,” said Howkins. 

For others it was a solid year. 

“It was really good, we retired 3 years ago so we’re RVing a lot we’re out at start parks a lot,” said Phillis Chandler.

No matter how 2018 went, many in the Austin area are ready to see it off at the Vic Mathis Shores. 

“Kick back, eat some good food and listen to some live music and take in the new year,” said Howkins.

While the future is uncertain many are feeling optimistic for what 2019 has in store. 
“There’s going to be a huge roar it’s the year of the pig so you never know what could happen. We’re going to look for the best and keep faith in mind and just keep believing that we’re always going to growing and getting better as individuals,” said Howkins

For those of you with other plans for New Years if it involves drinking

Local law enforcement agencies will be increasing.

Some options to help you get home include Uber, Lyft and Taxis- if you don't want to spend money Cap Metro is offering free rides.

You can also get a free tow from AAA for up to 10 miles by calling 1-800-222-4357.