Barbershop offer $5 back-to-school haircuts

A barber shop in southeast Austin is helping the community one haircut at a time. On Sunday morning, a team of barbers got down to work giving hundreds of haircuts to students 18 and under. 

For five years, Austin's Most Wanted Barbershop located in southeast Austin has given back to the community by offering back-to-school haircuts for $5. "Stress can be overwhelming sometimes but with coming out and helping it makes my day even better because it's like 'wow' something I don't have to spend a lot of money on $5 really helps a lot," said Priscilla Rodriguez.

The mother of four stopped by so her two sons could get a fresh cut before their first day.

Not only did kids walk out with fresh cuts they also went home with new backpacks and a positive outlook. "You are making them look good with a fresh haircut. It gets them excited for school opposed to them dreading going back to school. Being excited to go back to school this is setting the mood for that," said Lt. Eric Christilles with the Austin Fire Department.

The Austin Fire Department also stopped to lend their support.  

Kids were able to explore the fire truck after getting their haircut and were taught about fire safety.

Mike Hernandez owner of Austin's Most Wanted Barbershop said he wasn't always fortunate enough to get a haircut before the beginning of school. He said that experience influenced him to help others.   

"There's a lot of kids growing up especially myself I wasn't able to get a haircut all the time maybe once every two months. It does something to somebody's heart whenever they come in and get a $5 haircut.  Grab a backpack leave with food. It leaves little kids smiling." said Hernandez. 

"You know parents struggle sometimes to make those needs met. One thing we want people to understand is that they're not alone we know the struggles out there we know the families are working families we understand $150 to $200 $300 from your weekly budget can hurt a family," said George Morales, Constable of Precinct Four.

Hernandez said he hopes to continue serving the community for as long as he can. 

"A lot of people love doing this barbers here love giving back," said Hernandez.