Big turnout for Local art Bazaar's on Christmas Eve

Many people spent the day buying last minute Christmas gifts of local art at various bazaars across Austin.

This year, the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar saw more than 175 artists across 130 booths, many hoping to send powerful messages and sharing their inspirations.

"The coolest things to see are just the things that people come up with. You see a goat in a heart in a painting and then you see custom engraved ornaments and crazy clay faces to put on your wall," said Grace Asher from Wisconsin.

Monday not only marks Christmas Eve, it also marks the final day of the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar.

“Awesome way to interact with local artists and see the source of the art,” said Asher. Asher came from Wisconsin to not only enjoy the art but also pick up some last minute gifts for friends and family. “Some for them but also some for me,” said Asher.

This year the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar saw over 175 artists across 130 booths. “We've seen a lot of people come from out of town just to see the shows seen a lot of new Austinites trying to find what our culture is about,” Bruce Willenzik the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar executive producer.

Many of the artists looking to send messages.

“This year I’ve brought woman's empowerment posters. It's a good message for girls growing up, I have a son but I think it's important for girls to positive messages about what their capable of doing,” said Pen Morrison, an artist at the Bazaar.

Others hoping to share their inspirations.

“I work a lot with symbols from my dreams and kind of concepts from my dreams,” said Flip Solomon, another artist at the bazaar. Solomon said the Bazaar is a great place to hear reactions on new pieces.

“It's a really fun time, I’ve had really good feedback from everybody that likes the new clothing,” said Solomon.

Over in central Austin the Blue Genie art bazaar also had their last day on Christmas eve. Dozens of people turned out there as well to get some last minute Christmas shopping.

There, they gave 10% of their profits to the make a wish foundation. Both bazaars have been a tradition in Austin for years helping to support local artists.