Boy injured by exploding toy gun battery

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A Utah boy got an unexpected and unhappy surprise on Christmas Day when his laser gun toy blew up in his face.

Family video from that morning shows Kempton Kirkwood covering his eyes when the toy sprayed battery chemicals on his face.

Kempton's mom Lesha says the gun wasn't working, and when Kempton went to fidget with it, the toy erupted.

"That's when I saw and heard this little explosion pop kind of sound," she said.

The family rushed Kempton to the emergency room where doctors flushed out his eyes.

Kempton's family did some research online and found the same exact thing had happened to a family in Texas with the same product.

Thankfully, Kempton was treated for scratches to his corneas and he's going to be alright.

His family says now that they know he's OK they can laugh about it.

"His older brother wanted a BB gun but we always said 'No, you'll shoot your eye out,'" Lesha Kirkwood said.