Building evacuated at UT Austin, smoke device used

A building was evacuated on the University of Texas at Austin campus on Monday after a smoke device was used to interrupt a student event happening in the building. 

According to the University of Texas at Austin Police Department, officers were dispatched to the Gearing Hall (GEA) on Monday, April 29 after a smoke device used to interrupt student event for the Young Conservatives of Texas. Ryan Bomberger was speaking on campus about pro-life issues when a smoke bomb was set off right outside the lecture hall.

No was injured during the event or evacuation, according to UTPD.

"We were hosting a speaker by the name of Ryan Bomberger, the President of Radiance Foundation. a pro-life advocacy group, called 'Should Have Been Aborted,'" explained the Young Conservatives of Texas chairman Saurabh Sharma. "The Event was going normally and then we heard the fire alarm and evacuated, as we were leaving we saw smoke. Shortly after evacuating, the police informed us it was a smoke bomb. We went to a nearby lecture hall to complete the event."

A criminal investigation is underway.



Anyone with information is asked to call 512-471-4441, ext. 9.