California lawmakers considering lowering blood alcohol limit for motorists

Lawmakers in California are considering reducing the amount of alcohol you can legally have in your system while driving.

Several state lawmakers proposed a bill that would lower the legal blood alcohol limit from .08-percent to .05-percent. 

"Lowering the blood alcohol level to .05 will save many lives and this legislation will do that," Senator Jerry Hill said. "Over 100 countries around the world have already gone to a .05 — it saves lives."

Senator Hill says 1,000 lives could be saved a year in California if the stricter blood alcohol level is passed. The national transportation safety board has been encouraging states to adopt a 0.5-percent standard since 2013. So far, Utah is the only state in the nation that has adopted the lower limit for all drivers. 

"When you think of the families and the pain that is caused by those deaths it's incredible and they're all preventable, all preventable," Hill added.