CapMetro responds to handicapped man's concerns about new bus route changes

In June, Capital Metro implemented the biggest service change in its history.

52 of its new bus routes were changed and they added 10 routes. CapMetro says they're currently looking at several areas in Austin that they've heard from customers about. Saying they're working hard internally to find solutions that will help their concerns.

Ricky Gleason has been living at 1068 Gardner road for 47 years. And right across the street from his home, his bus stop has always been here. But in June, when CapMetro made the change to move his stop one mile away, Gleason bumped into a few issues.

"I'm very disappointed in Capital Metro, very disappointed,’’ he says.

Being handicapped makes his walk a lot more difficult than the average person. "I can walk that far but it would take me a while to walk to airport and bond rd. I had two back surgeries. I'm going to see the surgeon again in September about another back surgery. So I won't be able to do anything until about June of next year. It's not so much about me it’s about the community."

Gleason says he filed a case number with CapMetro June 25th. And CapMetro hasn't returned his calls for someone to meet him in person like they said they would in June. What once took him a few seconds to walk to his stop, now takes him at least 45 minutes. "Hopefully someone will listen and respond soon,” Gleason adds.

What he's also hoping to hear about is CapMetro removing the old bus stop shelter area. He says it confuses his neighbors on what is actually a stop and what isn't.

This week CapMetro told FOX 7 Austin that their capital projects department is working to remove shelters in the system at old stops. They say it's a longer process but is continuing.

They say they've also, exchanged voicemails with Gleason.

CapMetro has also said the overall goal of this change is to make more frequent service