Caught on Camera: Car smashes into CapMetro train with 17 passengers onboard

Nw video from CapMetro shows us the moment a car slammed into one of their trains.

It's an update to a story we first brought to you, last week. You can close your eyes to try to avoid it, but here you can see an accident unfolding, right before your eyes.

New CapMetro video shows the moments a Toyota Camry collides into a CapMetro train. Yes, the car hit the train according to CapMetro. This happened the morning of November 1st at the intersection of East 4th street and the I-35 Service Road.

CapMetro says when the Camry hit the train, it smashed the front end of the car. The driver, a man in his 30s was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. And 17 passengers onboard the train, weren't hurt.

CapMetro says the incident is under investigation. But they want to remind folks to be mindful of safety around the train tracks. If red lights are flashing, or the rail arm is coming down with a train coming, you should stop.

The spokesperson says some people have said they think rail arms should be all the way down. She says once the lights start flashing, it's very important to exercise caution.  

The same goes for pedestrians.

If you watch it again, you can see how startled not only the driver is, but all passengers on board are, including the man driving the train.