Cedar Park Police hosts safety program for kids

Dozens of children got a lesson in safety from Cedar Park Police Saturday.

It's part of safety program aimed at educating children on what to do in emergency.

The event was organized by victim services in hopes of answering kids questions, introducing them to first responders, and teaching them when to ask for help.

Children ages three and up learned self-defense tactics.

Training sergeant Conrad Mauer is one of several officers who taught self-defense he said it’s not so much about learning different moves as it is learning situational awareness.

"We want them to be very easy to remember things that don't necessarily rely on strength or anything like that,” Mauer said. “Awareness is a big thing that we try to give the children being awae of their surroundings being aware of the dangers that they could face."

The event involved Cedar Park’s K-9 unit, victim services and 911 dispatch.