Cedar pollen kicking up again as winds change

A lot of people were hoping all the rain we've been getting would give us a break on the Cedar.  

But it's bad.  And, it will likely get worse before it gets better. 

According to Fox 7 Austin Meteorologist Zack Shields, with winds changing directions Tuesday because of the front, the pollens will skyrocket.
Physician Assistant Rhiannon Ringo with Baylor, Scott & White says their clinics have been busy -- since Cedar season started earlier this time around.
Ringo says if you've got to be outside, take an antihistamine ahead of time…and then do some cleansing when you get home.

"Using a simple saline rinse to rinse some of the pollens out of your nose to eliminate some of that mucus and congestion can be helpful, making sure that you shower at the end of the day so you rinse the pollens off of your body," Ringo said.  

If allergies really hit you hard, Ringo says you might want to ask your doctor about immunotherapy.
It's a way to train your body to tolerate pollen, a substance she points out is a normal part of life.