Christopher Taylor trial: Jury will deliberate for second day

The jury will move into day two of deliberations in the APD Officer Christopher Taylor murder trial after already deliberating for eight hours.

Officer Taylor is accused of murdering Michael Ramos during a police encounter in 2020. If found guilty, he could face life in prison.

During jury deliberations on Wednesday, the courtroom doors opened twice. For a moment, it was believed a verdict had been reached, but both times were to address issues with requested evidence from the jury.

The jury requested to see multiple officers’ body and dash cam videos, bystander cell phone video, Christopher Taylor's written statement to SIU, and a graphic showing Taylor's shot trajectory. Those pieces of evidence could not be shown immediately to the jury because the state did not properly label which evidence was which, and the ones that were unplayable.

The judge was frustrated with the state. She said the court sent out specific instructions on how to properly label and submit evidence to both sides to avoid an issue like this. The state apologized for the mistake.

"Everybody knows there is a standing order from the third court of appeals about how exhibits have to be marked to be admissible, and I am very disappointed in the state that it does not appear they followed instructions," said Judge Dayna Blazey.


At the request of the court, the state filed an order that allowed them to resubmit and properly label the evidence.

At the request of the jury, the court reporter read aloud a portion of Officer Darrell Cantu-Harkless and Officer James Morgan's testimony on why they did not shoot at Ramos in 2020. After that, the jurors returned to the jury room to continue deliberating.

At the eight-hour mark, the jury decided to call it a night. They will return to deliberate Thursday, Nov. 9 at 9 a.m.