Clean up, assessments continue after heavy storms Friday

Biologists in scuba gear surveyed the bottom of Barton Springs Pool Monday morning to assess any damage to the fragile amphibian habitat that may have been caused by Friday’s storms.  

Being locked out was a disappointment for Sean Lucas, who was visiting from Ohio. 

"I got in Saturday morning, right before the concert I was supposed to go to got started. I got to see the concert, whatever it took to see the concert,” said Lucas who spent the morning trying to find another outdoor Austin venue to explore. 

At Tom Miller Dam, LCRA continued to release water to relieve pressure upstream. The water flowed past downtown and through Longhorn Dam. 

The swift water below the dam on the Colorado River didn't keep Adrian Nomar from doing a little fishing. He reeled in a catch just big enough to keep.

"I’m on vacation right now, and it’s just a good time to catch some fish,” said Nomar.

The force of the storm water can still be seen in eastern Travis County. Asphalt was peeled off of Burleson-Manor Road near FM 969. The road remains open despite the damage. Some guardrails will also need to be repaired after debris smashed into them. 

That area is where several rescues took place Friday night. More than 30 people were walked out of the rising water by swift water rescue teams. Most came from a large building near a creek. 

Others came out of a trailer next door where Wilson Mendez lives with his family. He was still drying things out Monday afternoon, and despite the threat of more storms, Mendez said there are no plans to move out.

"Yeah, we will stay, I live here,” said Mendez.

The rain overwhelmed several storm drains in Austin like on Mary Street. Officials with Austin Watershed Protection say crews started assessments Saturday. Residents who experienced any problems with drainage are urged to contact the 311 call center. 

In October, flooding affected the drinking water in Austin. A spokesperson with Austin Water said that Friday's storms did not cause a similar crisis. 

Austin Street and Bridge Operations crews responded to 54 work orders Friday night and Saturday morning, including 17 tree calls, three for debris in right-of-way, 23 barricade requests, one for pavement failure, seven pothole repairs and three for obstructions in right-of way.