Clever kitty unlocks door for owner

With a bit of coaching from his owner, this very clever kitty lent a helping paw when she found herself locked out their home. 

In a viral tweet from Gabby Tropea, Boko the cat is seen pulling up a wooden door stopper, ultimately unlocking the backdoor of her home.

Tropea's sister had accidently locked her out the house. So she ventured to the backdoor to see if it was unlocked and sure enough it wasn't. But that's when the 7-month-old cat came in to the rescue! With his mighty little paws, and some coaching from his owner, he was able to release the wooden door stopper that secured the door from opening. 

"He understood what I was saying." Tropea told FOX 5, "He began by just rubbing his face on it, then was pawing down on it, I started motioning to push it upwards and that's what he did."  

Looks like Boko earned some extra catnip!