Colorado deputy testifies in day 3 of Terry Miles' kidnapping tria

In day three of the Terry Miles trial, the prosecution still had the burden of making their case for kidnaping charges. One of the first to testify today was a Colorado deputy who detailed stopping Terry Miles in Colorado. 

He said the girls were in the backseat appearing afraid and confused.

That's when the girls were rescued.

In addition, an FBI agent who specializes in cell phone analysis testified, pinpointing where the cell phones of the girls, Tanya Bates, and Miles were all located during the window of time of Bates' murder and kidnaping. The medical examiner said Bates, who was the girls' mom, died of blunt force trauma while in her home, shortly before Miles fled with the girls.

The older child, 14 at the time, testified Wednesday that Miles sexually abused her on a daily basis. 

She also said her mom and Miles got into a fight after he said he wanted to marry the 14-year-old. Could this be the motive for murder that Williamson County prosecutors are looking for?

Only time will tell. The trial is expected to last through next week.



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