Deadly San Marcos apartment fire was intentionally set, officials say

Officials announced on Friday that the deadly apartment fire at the Iconic Village and Vintage Pads apartments in San Marcos, Texas was intentionally set. 

ATF and the San Marcos Fire Department held a press conference on Friday morning announcing the fire was intentional and that the investigation is now a criminal one. A $10,000 reward for information that leads to the identification and arrest of the individuals responsible is now being offered.  

Five people were killed in the fire that happened in July. The victims were 21-year-old Belinda Moats of Big Wells, 19-year-old Haley Michele Frizzell of San Angelo, 21-year-old David Ortiz of Pasadena, 20-year-old Dru Estes of San Antonio and 23-year-old James Miranda of Mount Pleasant. 

All of the victims but James Miranda were students at Texas State University. They were all found in building 500 at the Iconic Village apartments, according to San Marcos officials. 

No arrests have been made so far.