East Stroudsburg University basketball manager joins teammates on the court

It was a magical moment for an East Stroudsburg University student. The manager for the women's basketball team got a chance to join her teammates on the court and she made every moment count.

East Stroudsburg University senior Rachel Grace lived up to her nickname, RG3. She scored three 3-pointers during an exhibition game Wednesday night against Kutztown.

“It was the best thing ever to happen to me in my life," she told FOX 29.

Rachel, who has Down syndrome, is usually on the sidelines as the team manager. For senior night, her dream came true at the Warriors last home game. Rachel suited up as an official member of the team for a pregame scrimmage and stole the show.

“I loved it all and especially the standseveryone was chanting my nickname," Rachel said.

“She was a star," ESU head basketball coach Diane Decker said. “There wasn’t a dry eye in the place. I mean it was phenomenal.”

Coach Diane Decker has been planning this night to remember for months, she got special permission from the NCAA. 

It was Rachel’s chance to shine and she had her head in the game. Hundreds packed the Koehler Fieldhouse to witness the  23-year-old’s moment in the spotlight. Her teammates couldn’t be more proud.

Rachel is also the team manager for the volleyball team and the softball team. 

“I was so happy I got to fulfill my journey of it all," she said. “It was really awesome. It was the best thing ever.”

Rachel graduates in May and hopes to go into sports management.