Einstein Bagels to release 'Party Bagels,' which are actually just doughnuts

The chocolate birthday cake "Party Bagel" comes with chocolate buttercream and sprinkles. (Einstein Bros. Bagels)

What do you get when you cross a doughnut with a whoopie pie? Well, if you’re Einstein Bros. Bagels, apparently you get a “Party Bagel” – which is decidedly not a bagel, and, judging by Twitter’s reaction, not a party.

The popular bagel chain has decided to transform the bready breakfast item into another breakfast item for some reason. Sure, Einstein Bagels could have just referred to the new item as a “doughnut,” which everyone already knows the working definition of, but the bagel chain decided to rebrand the breakfast staple instead.

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“We wanted to bring a bit of fun to the breakfast table,” said Chad Thompson, head of culinary innovation at Einstein Bros. Bagels, via FoodBusinessNews. “Party Bagels are a sweet treat, done the Einstein Bros. Bagels way, that the whole family will love.”

The “Party Bagels,” which, again, are doughnuts, are available in two flavors – churro and chocolate birthday cake.

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According to a release for the launch, it admits each flavor “starts with a donut” that is then “sliced and schmeared in the middle” with buttercream frosting – sweet cream cheese buttercream for the churro and chocolate buttercream for the chocolate birthday cake. The churro option is topped with cinnamon sugar, while the chocolate birthday cake is glazed with chocolate frosting and topped with confetti sprinkles.

The churro flavor comes with sweet cream cheese buttercream and cinammon sugar topping. (Einstein Bros. Bagels)

It appears not everyone will be crowding around Einstein Bagels for a first taste,  however.

Some on Twitter have been less than enthused over the “new” creation.

The “Party Bagels” will launch Nov. 12 at select locations nationwide.

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