Fairmont illuminates Longhorn logo on building

The Fairmont Austin is "hooking ‘em" for the Horns.

“We planned it for about a month now, took a little bit of cooperation with all the operational departments in the hotel but we were able to pull it off,” said Michael McMahon, director of sales and marketing, Fairmont Austin.

Sunday night, the southside of the building was illuminated in the shape of the Texas Longhorns logo. The design reached 20 stories high and consisted of 112 lit windows.

“We had a team of about ten people here going through to make sure guest rooms were completely dark outside of the logo,” said McMahon.

It took a month of time and effort to nail the famous logo, all to celebrate the hotel’s new sponsorship of University of Texas Athletics' 2019 football season.

“We pride ourselves on our involvement in the local community and supporting everything that Austin is,” said McMahon.

The hotel will provide special room packages, parties, and transportation to DKR stadium come this fall. They said these deals are the best way anyone who bleeds burnt orange can get the most from their stay, and an even better way for them to show support for their community.

“We have a lot of tricks up our sleeve so...more to come from Fairmont Austin,” said McMahon.