Fate of 2 Austin police officers is in the hands of a jury

The state and the defense rested their cases Wednesday, handing the fate of two Austin police officers to a jury. On February 16, officers Robert Pfaff and Donald Petraitis were called to the scene of a shooting near Red River and 12th Street.

While ordering all the witnesses of the shooting to the ground they tased one of them, 30-year old Quentin Perkins while he was on his knees with his hands in the air that is shown in body camera footage. 

The defense feels the tasing was justified because Perkins was not complying with the officers.

The state argues Perkins was defenseless and confused by the commands.

Wednesday, the state said the officers not only assaulted Perkins but they lied in their reports about what happened. The defense argues that the officers did what they had to do to keep themselves and others on scene safe. The officers face many charges including assault, aggravated perjury, tampering with a governmental record and more, all which come with jail time.