Former Starbucks leader, presidential candidate was in Austin to speak to women entrepreneurs

The visit by Howard Schultz to the Capitol Factory - Bunker Labs was not an official political campaign stop.  But being in Austin Friday was part of an important swing through Texas.

A decision about a possible bid for the White House is where this journey is expected to lead.

"I feel strongly the American government is not working on behalf of the American people, that the 2 parties are steeped in ideology at the extremes, we have evidenced every step of the way of Revenge Politics, and over the next 3 months I'll be traveling around the country as I am this week in Texas and next week in Florida and probably by early Summer will make a final decision.” said Schultz.

Schultz, who recently stepped down as the head of Starbucks, spent the morning learning about those working in the unique business incubator. A meeting with a group of women entrepreneurs was a big part of the day. He warned them not to embrace the status quo but to push for innovation.

For about an hour, ideas were pitched and advice offered.

"The key is, don’t hold on to a losing strategy, if you are going to fail, fail fast,” said Schultz.

Later he praised the group by saying they represent the dream this country can provide. "We have to celebrate our free enterprise system, we have to celebrate entrepreneurs, and what it means to be a capitalist."

Reda Hicks was among those seeking ideas from Schultz.

She's a military wife with a Houston start up. "It’s getting the opportunity to share our stories, but it’s also a way to kind of say thank you back to a man whose company is employing ton of veterans and military spouses. he is making a real concerted effort through Starbucks to understand our population and help where he can and I think that is something worth expressing gratitude to regardless of whether you agree with his policies or not,” said Hicks.

Schultz has contributed money to candidates who share his political philosophy, a lot of that money in the past has gone to Democrats. But now that he is considering a run as an Independent, there's been push back by some Democrats who fear he could be a spoiler allowing President Trump to win a Second term in the White House. He turned that assumption around.

"I don’t understand that line of thought, in fact, the more I've thought about that, the real Spoiler if there is going to be one, is if the Democrats decided the Democratic Nominee is someone who professes to be a Socialist, that will be the Spoiler, not Howard Schultz."

What's also clear is Schultz will no doubt take his own advice regarding a run for office.  

It will come quick, without a fear of failing.



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