Gas leak continues to impact dozens of homes and businesses in Georgetown

Dozens of businesses and homes remain under an evacuation following a natural gas leak in Georgetown.

A precautionary evacuation was issued over the weekend for homes and businesses in the area while repairs are being done.

The gas leak was reported last week near River Bend and Williams Drive. As crews continue to fix the issue places are forced to close up shop in the meantime.

“Ask people to pray for us we got a lot of work to do and we need a place to do it,” said Dan Wooldridge the Crestview Baptist church senior pastor.

A natural gas leak in Georgetown is causing some problems for those nearby. An evacuation was issued for buildings over the weekend off Williams Drive, one of them being Wooldridge's church.

The short notice canceling Sunday’s service.

“It's the first time in this church's history, which was founded in 1961, that they've had to cancel not even for icy weather or anything,” said Wooldridge.

Tuesday the problem remains. Sign after sign placed on door after door on businesses in the area telling people they are closed.

"Pretty much a ghost town for these businesses costing them a bunch of money I’m sure,” said Larry Ferguson who live in Georgetown. Ferguson said he learned this the hard way just trying to grab a bite to eat. “Originally I came down here to get breakfast tacos, they're closed so I was just curious as to what the cause was,” said Ferguson.

Wooldridge said the closure has left the church no choice but to put a hold on most of their daily activities.

“The Trail of life, had to cancel that. We have American heritage girls had to cancel that. We have celebrated recovery to help people deal with hurts habits and hang-ups had to cancel that,” said Wooldridge.

To help get around the issue, he said Southwestern has offered to let them use their chapel in the meantime during the week.

“They've already cleared us to be there will do that for our youth and adults not sure if our choir will practice there they possible will I’ll leave that to our music director,” said Wooldridge.

As crews continue to work and next Sunday approaching Wooldridge is hopeful work will be done soon or they will have to hold service elsewhere.

According to Atmos energy, 40 businesses and residences remain evacuated.

They are helping those families impacted find a place to live in the meantime.

Right now it's not certain what caused this leak or when repairs will be done.