Georgetown celebrates 20th annual Red Poppy Festival

Georgetown residents and visitors celebrated its 20th annual Red Poppy Festival on Saturday with live music and local vendors.

“I like the crowds, all the people, the excitement, the buzz, the music…. it’s just, there’s a special air here.” said Linda Bilant, standing in her tent. 

If you breathe that “special air” in, you will likely smell the spring wildflowers blooming in Georgetown, perhaps the most famous being the red poppy. 

Seeds from the flower were said to be sent home from a soldier to his mother in Georgetown after WWI. She planted them at her home, and soon the flowers spread. Georgetown was named the “red poppy capital of Texas,” and for the past 20 years, the town has celebrated with the Red Poppy Festival. 

Bilant, an artist, celebrates the poppies in her own way -- with paint. 

“Each piece I paint, I paint with love.” she said. 

Each year, an estimated 65,000 people flock to the city for the festival. Officials with visit Georgetown say it is one of the busiest sales weekends of the year for area businesses and vendors.  

“I think the festivals are good because for one it’s originality, you get things here that you can’t buy at your local stores or box stores, and it’s things that are homemade regionally.” 

Debra Setzer, an art teacher said she comes to the festival each year for “inspiration.” 

There is more to the festival than shopping -- there are concerts, old cars, and family fun. 

The final day of the 2019 festival is Sunday, April 28. Officials encourage those interested in attending to utilize a rideshare or the available shuttle service.