How the partial government shutdown affects Central Texas

If you're thinking of visiting the LBJ Presidential Library or the George H.W.Bush Presidential Library and Museum soon, well you're going to have to make other plans. They're both closed due to the partial government shutdown.

On Saturday morning, dozens of families including some from out of town were surprised and disappointed to learn that the LBJ Presidential Library was closed.

"It's kind of politics today shutdowns happen all the time but it's disappointing that the presidential library closes down because of politics." The Caldron family drove from New Mexico to pay a visit to the library and say they didn't even think to check if it was open.

"We're going through Austin so I figured we can stop and check out the library but it's closed right now so I guess that's not going to happen. He's a popular president and Austin is a beautiful city so yeah a lot of people were affected negatively by it," said Eliberto Calderon.

Several other visitors were also let down. Posted notices on the doors of the library reminded many that we are currently under a partial government shutdown. 

Since lawmakers failed to come to an agreement on a budget deal Friday, the lights were turned off at some key federal agencies. "Even if it's happening I didn't realize or didn't think about that it would affect the library here. So I am disappointed," said Michelle Chang.

Along with the LBJ Presidential Library, in College Station, the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum were closed. The Bush family's grave site remained open, although it will be closed on Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

Both libraries got the news out by using social media to inform the general public of the closures. 

However, not everyone saw the posts. "I looked on google map google map suggested it might be closed but I checked last week they said it was open so I called the library and heard the recordings that said they were open every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas.  So I said ok we are going but were disappointed to find the door closed,"  said one visitor. 
It's unclear at this time how long this partial shutdown will last but many say they hope not for long. 

"It's happened already a couple times and I'm disappointed that they didn't find a way to work together to move the country forward," said Chang.