Hundreds show up as locomotive 4141 enters College Station

From Spring to College Station, locomotive 4141 arrived Thursday to the George H. W. Bush Presidential Library - the final stop and resting place of George H. W. Bush, the 41st President of the United States of America.

“Once in a lifetime opportunity,” said Billy Barnett from Milano Texas.

“Amazing person and his character, it's what this country is built on its why I wanted to come here,” said Debbie Spence from College Station. Both stopped by the rail road tracks in College Station to get a glimpse of the train as it made its way to the library.

Crowds of people lined streets along the rail road in College Station to honor and remember America’s 41st president. “I'm here because my husband was in the Navy 21 years and I wanted to pay my respects," said Spence.

“He (George H. W. Bush) had a good kindness about him. He served the people he did things for this country and other countries and I appreciate that he served in our country and me being a part of a military family I honor him,” said Joe Campise from Bryan.

“He related to the common people more so then what we see today. It just seemed like a different time in our politics and world. We just loved the presidency that he provided for us,” said Barnett.

The cold and rain was not enough to stop hundreds from viewing the historic moment of locomotive 4141 passing by. “This is a small price to pay for the opportunity to be here,” said Barnett.

“It's raining but I’m here it's going to be great to see the trade it's going to be special,” said Spence.

The weather also didn't stop the 21 military jet fly by.

While waiting for the train many discussed president bush during his term in office. “Amazing person and his character it's what this country is built on its why I wanted to come here,” said Spence.

“The presidency that 41 had was a special time in our history where we had such a volatile time in the world and he was a calm figure that lead not only the United States but the whole world in comradely. He brought the world together in a way probably no one else could do,” said Barnett.

Some, shared memories of how they helped the president. “I worked for the Texas A&M printing center back in the day and when they first built the George Bush library our company produced everything for the dedication for the library. Very honored to do that stuff for him,” said Campise.

As the train continued on to the presidential library, those in college station gave their final farewells to President George H. W. Bush.