Hurricane Beryl: Recovery efforts underway after storm makes its way across Texas

Recovery efforts are underway after Hurricane Beryl made landfall in Texas early Monday morning.

On Monday, July 8, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and state officials held a press conference to discuss the storm's impact and plans moving forward.

Beryl made landfall as a strong Category 1 hurricane near Matagorda with maximum sustained winds of 80 mph. It moved through the greater Houston area, causing significant flooding and damage, heavy winds, downed trees, power outages and deaths.


"Most of our injuries and loss of life have been from trees falling on houses or on vehicles, and so I ask you to get to a safe place and stay in a safe place," said Texas Division of Emergency Management Chief Nim Kidd.

Three people were killed by fallen trees, one died in a fire, two drowned and a City of Houston worker died after becoming trapped in his vehicle in floodwaters.

"For those of you who are in the areas of Texas where the storm has passed through, do not take your safety for granted. We still have downed power lines. There are over 50 roads that are covered with water," says Lt. Governor Dan Patrick.

State officials said, as of Monday afternoon, millions of Texans were without power and 10 transmission lines were down. They also asked residents to be safe while waiting for power to be restored.

"With so many people in Texas without power, people are going to light candles tonight, which will become a fire hazard in their home, or they are going to try to run a generator, or they are going to try to run some other fuel burning appliance, it is going to create carbon monoxide which is a colorless odorless gas, and it is a silent killer," said Chief Nim Kidd.

State officials plan to open shelters and cooling centers as needed during the power outage.