Kingsland neighborhood separated from rest of town after bridge washed away

A quick trip to see loved ones now takes almost an hour for a Kingsland neighborhood.

After the 2900 bridge got swept away a neighborhood on the south side was separated from the rest of the town leaving them to pick up debris and clean up on their own.

“We heard a loud bang and that’s when that bridge totally collapsed and when it collapsed we collapsed,” said Jack Garner who lives on the south side of where the bridge use to be.  

Flood waters cut off Jack Garner and his neighborhood to the rest of Kingsland when it destroyed the nearby bridge. A once quick trip into town now requires an hour long detour.

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“Our loved ones are right over there. They can’t take care of themselves. Going to the grocery store that’s just and inconvenience but that kind of hurts me and several others here that have loved ones we need to take care of and we can’t get to them right away,” said Garner

The broken bridge is only one of the problems in this now isolated neighborhood.

The flooding also caused extensive damage to the area.

“Took a while for the water to go down about 24 hours we were trapped in here,” said Garner.

With the bridge out, Garner said they’ve been on their own trying to recover. “Spent the day Moving stuff around, trying to get stuff out of the water, getting wet just doing what we can to make things better

During the flooding, Kristine Isaacson, who lives in the same neighborhood, captured the moments her boat floated into her backyard. Many are trying to figure out ways to get these water craft back into the water. “We can pull Chip’s Jeep around and the trailer and hoist it up and then drive it out that way hopefully,” said Isaacson.

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With there the potential for more flooding. Many are traveling to nearby towns and stocking up on supplies while they still have the chance. “You dang sure better make you a good list because you may not be able to get there a week from now,” said Garner.

TXdot said they are already researching options for the bridge but cannot send crews out to assess the full damage and see what can be salvaged until the weather clears up.